Bhutan has witnessed monumental changes over the past two decades as a result of major economic and political reforms. While economic development programs have been successful in improving the lives of the people, new challenges have emerged. This includes rising youth unemployment; challenge of substance abuse among the youth; emerging socio-economic disparities; declining food self-reliance; growing external economic imbalances, etc.

The failure to address these challenges in a timely manner could undo the achievements made thus far and undermine our national vision. As a small nation with numerous challenges and on the cusp of embarking on ambitious transformation, the potential of every individual must be harnessed to enhance economic prosperity, collective wellbeing and national security.

With the above considerations, Bhutan will launch the Gyalsung in 2024 with the objective of endowing every young Bhutanese with the personal attributes/discipline and professional skills needed to succeed in the 21st century and thereby contribute to nation building.

Designed as a collective endeavor, the Gyalsung will provide opportunities for all sections of society (from government organizations and autonomous agencies, the armed forces, educational institutions, parents, teachers, and individuals), to play an active part in helping shape the youth for their roles as active citizens of Bhutan. It will be a platform through which the legacy of shouldering our national responsibilities will be passed on from one generation to the next.