Gyalsung will become an important rite of passage for all Bhutanese youth irrespective of their educational, social, economic, regional or linguistic backgrounds.


The Gyalsung journey begins with a year-long training that will bring youth, who have attained the age of 18, from all across the country to one of the four Gyalsung Academies. During the first phase, young citizens will undergo Basic Military Training and attend courses in National Education.


The training phase is followed by the Gyalsung Duty up to the age 35 followed by Gyalsung Reserve phase till the age of 45. Upon completion of the Gyalsung obligations, a Bhutanese citizen can volunteer to join De-Suung and continue to serve the nation.


In line with His Majesty’s vision, Gyalsung will endeavor to shape our youth to become more capable, committed and confident citizens with the strength of character and discipline that fosters integrity, excellence, accountability and loyalty to the Tsawa-Sum.

Gyalsung Journy poster