The purpose of medical screening is to ensure that eligible youth for Gyalsung, who have underlying medical or physical conditions that might pose a danger to their own health or the well-being of their peers, are exempted from participating.

This is mandatory and will be conducted in selected 23 hospitals across Bhutan during the stipulated period and includes the following steps:


Step 1: Self-Medical Declaration


The applicant is required to complete a Medical Screening Questionnaire to declare any medical conditions. It is important to declare pre-existing medical conditions so Gyalsung HQ can provide support (if required) for uninterrupted Training.


Step 2: Appointment for medical screening


During the Gyalsung online registration, applicants are required to book a medical screening appointment at the nearest identified hospitals in their respective Dzongkhags:


1. Wangduecholing Hospital

8. ERR Hospital

15. CRR Hospital

22. Wangdue Hospital 

2. Tsimalakha Hospital

9. Paro Hospital

16. Sarpang Hospital 

        23. Yebilaptsa Hospital

3. Gedu Hospital

10. Pemagatshel Hospital

17. JDWNR Hospital


4. Phuentsholing Hospital

11. Punakha Hospital

18. Gidakom Hospital 


5. Dagapela Hospital

12. Samdrup Jongkhar Hospital

19. Trashigang Hospital


6. Haa Hospital

13. Deothang Hospital

20. Trashiyangtse Hospital

7. Lhuentse Hospital

14. Samtse Hospital

        21. Damphu Hospital

Change of medical screening appointment (if required) can be done by clicking on Change Medical appointment. The applicant will be allowed to change their  medical appointment only once and if it is more than 10 days before their medical appointment.


On the day of your medical examination, applicants will be verified through presenting their physical CID at the hospital. They will need to carry their health book/documents for pre-existing medical history (if any).


Step 3: Medical Examination Conducted at Hospitals

It is the responsibility of each youth to complete the medical screening within the stipulated time window.     As a rule, the medical screening should be done in the country. Youth who are overseas can request for this to be done at a time closer to the enlistment day so that they do not have to travel to Bhutan simply for this screening.


Step 4: Medical Review if found unfit for Enlistment


The Gyalsung Medical Board will be formed to further review, verify and certify the medical fitness report. If found to be ‘unfit’, Gyalsung Medical Board  shall recommend to the Gyalsung Governing Council for deferment or exemption.