Gyalsung Training in 2024

The Gyalsung Training 2024 program will be conducted for 3 months in two cohorts starting from September, for the first cohort and December for the second cohort. The Gyalsung Training Program is designed to impart discipline, knowledge and leadership skills and instill values to imbue in every cadet the distinctive watermarks of: Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. 


All Gyalsars – NS Cadets – will undergo Basic Military Training (BMT) to enhance their strength and fitness levels and participate in drills and other associated activities such as obstacle courses, weapon handling, etc. While the BMT will be conducted by the Royal Bhutan Army, Courses on National Education “such as” Bhutanese values, transfromative leadership, etc., will be conducted by Armed Forces specialists.

Although not a part of the official curriculum, Gyalsars will pick up skills like teamwork, leadership, independence as well as essential life skills as they go about their day-to-day activities at the Gyalsung campus. 

Important Dates for 2024 Inaugural batch




Oct 2023 to Jan 2024

Sign Up & Registration for all Bhutanese born in 2005 whether in Bhutan or abroad.

Extended till 15 Feb 2024

Oct 2023 to June 2024

Apply for Exemption and Deferment from Gyalsung 2024 for those exempted by law or youth pursuing college or training before 1st April 2024.


1stJune to 15thJul 2024

Medical Screening for those Registered and residing in Bhutan. The Medical Screening for the 2024 Batch will be carried out nationwide across 23 hospitals

For those residing outside Bhutan, medical appointment slots will be available closer to the enlistment date (31st July till 14th August 2024)

Jul 2024 to Aug 2024

Enlistment Notice will be delivered with important details such as assigned academy, date of report, travel details etc.

31st  Aug to 2nd  Sept 2024

The first cohort Enlistees shall  report to the assigned Gyalsung Academy.


11th  to 13th  Dec 2024

The second cohort Enlistees shall  report to the assigned Gyalsung Academy.


5th  Sept  to 3rd Dec 2024

The training of the first cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence.

The Gyalsung Training 2024 commences

16th Dec 2024 to 15th Mar 2025

The training of the second cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence.