The one-year Gyalsung Training Program comprising the components as listed below seeks to impart knowledge and leadership skills and instill values to imbue in every cadet the distinctive watermarks of: Integrity, Discipline and Excellence.

A) Basic Military Training


During the first three months, all Gyalsars – NS Cadets – will undergo basic military training to enhance their strength and fitness levels and participate in drills and other associated skills such as obstacle courses, weapon handling, etc. While the BMT will be conducted by the Royal Bhutan Army, courses on National Education, Bhutanese values, transformative leadership, etc., will be conducted by other specialists.



B)   Skill Development


For the remaining eight months, the Cadets will be skilled in areas that will be useful for the youth and also contribute to enhancing economic self-reliance and quick response to national emergencies. Currently the areas identified include: Food Security, Home Security, Community Security and Information & Communications Technology Security.


In terms of distribution of cadets to the various areas of specialization, the Gyalsung HQ will strive to balance between individual interest based on personal choice/aptitude and the available offerings across the academies. While every cadet may not get into their first choice of specialization, it may be noted that irrespective of the areas of specialization chosen or allocated – the training will focus on imparting useful knowledge and skills through well designed processes that will bring about the aforesaid watermarks in each Cadet.


Furthermore, the areas of specialization and methods of training will be publicized in all high schools so that by the time the youth join the Gyalsung Academies, they are well informed and are able to appreciate whatever specialization they are provided.



C)   Other Activities


Among many other activities that are being discussed, a notable one is a trek across Bhutan on the Trans Bhutan Trail. Cadets will be given an opportunity to walk across parts of the 403 Km trail or other prominent trails in the areas close to the Academies to appreciate the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the country.


Note for the Inaugural Batch Gyalsung Training in 2024


The Gyalsung Training will be launched in September 2024. The training duration for the inaugural batch will be four and half months 

only. In view of the shorter duration, the Cadets will undergo four and half months of BMT, National Education and other activities. The Skilling component will be introduced only from 2025 onwards.