1.1.What are the main objectives of the Gyalsung Program?

Gyalsung program is designed to enable Bhutanese citizens to fulfil a fundamental duty enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The objectives of Gyalsung can be summarized as follows:

  1. Endow the youth of Bhutan with the knowledge, skills and values to actualize their potential in this rapidly changing world and contribute to realizing the national goals and aspirations;

  2. Empower the youth with the capabilities and attributes needed to succeed academically and professionally;

  3. Enhance the awareness of the youth about the challenges that our country faces and meaningfully engage them in finding and implementing collective solutions;

  4. Encourage volunteerism among our citizens to foster the spirit of selfless service in enhancing the well-being of our people;

  5. Ensure that we prepare the future generations to fully shoulder their sacred responsibilities of upholding and promoting the unity, peace, security and sovereignty of our nation for all times to come.

These objectives will be reviewed by the Gyalsung Council periodically to ensure that the Gyalsung remains relevant and aligned to His Majesty The King’s vision. For more information refer https://gyalsung.bt

1.2. What are the major stages of the Gyalsung Journey?

The Gyalsung journey shall comprise of the following three phases:

  1. Gyalsung Training: Cadets, as Gyalsars, shall undergo a one-year full time integrated training program which shall comprise of three months of Basic Military Training and skills training in various areas that are critical for personal self-development as well as enhancement of self-reliance and national security.

  2. Gyalsung Duty: Upon completion of the one-year training program, Gyalsups may be called for Mandatory Duty and/ or Voluntary Duty until the age of 35 years.

  3. Gyalsung Reserve: Upon completion of Gyalsung Duty, Gyalsups shall remain as Reservists until they attain the age of 45 years at which point, they complete the Gyalsung obligations. Thereafter, they may volunteer to join De-suung.







Bhutanese Youth with CID

15-18 years old

Sign-up for Gyalsung to create your Gyalsung account.


Eligible youth

18 years of age and early enlistees

a.             Register for Gyalsung Training

b.             If applicable, seek Deferment, Exemption, or Early Enlistment

c.             Medical Screening


Gyalsar or NS Cadet

Completion of Pre-Enlistment Formalities


a.             Assignment to Academy

b.             Gyalsung Training


Gyalsup or NS Service Person

Completion of Gyalsung Training

Gyalsung Duty till age 35


Gyalzur or NS Reservist

Age 35 – 45

Gyalsung Reserve


Completion of Gyalsung Obligations

Age 45+

Option to join De-suung

2.1. When will the Gyalsung training 2024 commence and end?

Gyalsung training 2024 shall commence on 5th September 2024. The Gyalsung Training 2024 shall be conducted in two cohorts for a period of three months each.

     2.1.1. The Training for the first cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence on 5th September 2024 and conclude on 3rd December 2024. Enlistees shall be required to report to the assigned Academy between the 31st of August and to 2nd of September 2024.

     2.1.2. The Training for the second cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence on 16th December 2024 and conclude on 15th March 2025. Enlistees shall be required to report to the assigned Academy between the 11th to 13th of December 2024.

The Gyalsung Headquarters shall assign enlistees to the respective cohorts and academies


2.2. Who is required to Sign up & Register for the Gyalsung Program that commences in 2024.?

As per the law all eligible Bhutanese citizens are required to enlist for Gyalsung upon attaining the age of 18.

A Bhutanese citizen born between 1st January 2005 and 31st December 2005 shall Sign up & Register for Gyalsung Training 2024 irrespective of their education status or place of residents.

2.3. Procedure to be completed by those who are born in 1st January 2005 till 31st December 2005 or those who are in Class 12.  




Oct 2023 to Jan 2024

Sign Up & Registration for all Bhutanese born in 2005 whether in Bhutan or abroad.

Extended till 15 Feb 2024

Oct 2023 to June 2024

Apply for Exemption and Deferment from Gyalsung 2024 for those exempted by law or youth pursuing college or training before 1st April 2024.


May 2024

Medical Screening for those Registered and residing in Bhutan. Notification will be sent to book individual medical appointment date via email.

For those living overseas, medical appointment slots will be available closer to the enlistment date (End July into early August)

Jul 2024 to Aug 2024

Enlistment Notice will be delivered with important details such as assigned academy, date of report, travel details etc.


31st  Aug to 2nd  Sept 2024

The first cohort Enlistees shall  report to the assigned Gyalsung Academy.


11th  to 13th  Dec 2024

The second cohort Enlistees shall  report to the assigned Gyalsung Academy.


5th  Sept  to 3rd Dec 2024

The training of the first cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence.

The Gyalsung Training 2024 commences

16th Dec 2024 to 15th Mar 2025

The training of the second cohort of Gyalsung 2024 shall commence.

2.4. What does the training program for the first batch in 2024 batch consist of?

Gyalsung Training 2024 is a duration of three months which consist Basic Military Training and National Education.

2.5. What are the possibilities for seeking exemption from Gyalsung Training 2024? What are the grounds on which Exemption may be granted for Gyalsung 2024 training?

Gyalsung is a fundamental duty enshrined in the Constitution. It is mandatory for all eligible Bhutanese.

The only person(s) who are exempt from Gyalsung are;

    a. A person who is enrolled in monastic schools or listed as monks/nuns/purohits in institutions recognized by the Choede Lhentshog & Dratshang Lhuentshog; and or

   b. A person who is deemed medically unfit by the Medical Board.

   c. Further, as a one-time measure for the 2024 intake, a person who is pursuing college education or vocational training after completing class 12 in 2023 may be exempted. However, the person shall be required to Sign up and Register before seeking exemption.

2.6.  If a student completes Class XII or its equivalent at a mature age of 25, 26 or 27 years etc. in 2023, will he or she be required to undergo Gyalsung Training in 2024?

No, if he or she is born before 1st Jan 2005 he or she will not be eligible to undergo Gyalsung Training in 2024.Those who are not eligible for Gyalsung can join the Desuung Program instead to serve the Tsawa-Sum.

2.7. Do Bhutanese living and studying in other countries have to return to Bhutan to undergo Gyalsung in 2024?

All Bhutanese who attain the age of 18 or complete Class 12 (born after 2005) to attend Gyalsung training irrespective of place of study or residence.

Therefore, all Bhutanese who have completed Class 12 in 2023 and/or are born between 1st January and 31st December 2005 will have to register for Gyalsung in 2024.

However, as a one-time measure – Bhutanese living abroad who meet the age and education criteria but are pursuing college education or training in 2024 can seek exemption from Gyalsung.

2.8.  Can I seek deferment from 2024 Gyalsung Training? 

All deferments are granted on a yearly basis. The individual is required to Sign up and Register for Gyalsung in the appropriate  year and then submit an application for deferment at least 6 months ahead of the forecasted enlistment date.

In the case of 2024 Gyalsung Training, deferments will be granted for eligible youth who are in Class 11 or below. They will have to attend Gyalsung when they complete Class 12 or whenever they drop out of school.

2.9. Do students who plan to go to college or vocational training in 2024 have to undergo Gyalsung training?

All Bhutanese youth who attain 18 years or complete 12 (born after 2005) all required to attend Gyalsung Training. 

However, as a one-time measure for the Gyalsung 2024 intake, the Gyalsung Governing Council has decided to exempt those youth who plan to pursue further studies upon completion of Class 12 in 2023.

However they must first Sign up and Register before applying for the exemption. From 2025 onwards, all eligible youth will have to undergo one-year Gyalsung Training when they turn 18 years of age or if in school, when they complete Class 12.

2.10.What does the term Cohort mean in the context of Gyalsung Training 2024?

Cohort refers to one of the two groups a Cadet is assigned. For example, Gyalsung training 2024 Batch will be conducted in Two Cohorts. The training for the First Cohort will be conducted from 5th September 2024 to 3rd December 2024 and Second Cohort from 16th December 2024 to 15th March 2025.

A Cadet will be assigned as a Cohort with Enlistment Notice issued on 31st July 2024.

2.11. When and how will I know that I am enlisted for Gyalsung training?

Enlistees who have completed sign-up, registration, and medical screening will receive the Enlistment Notice via email or SMS to your registered email or phone number by 1st July 2024.

You can also track your registration status on the portal.gyalsung.bt login page under Track here.

You will also receive joining instructions together with your enlistment notice.


2.12. Can I do Gyalsung Training after college?

If your exemption application has been granted, or you are already in college during your eligible year, you cannot undergo Gyalsung Training in the future.


2.13. Is there an opportunity for dropout students who are above 19 years of age and older and for graduates to enlist in Gyalsung Training in the year 2024? What happens to all the youth who are born in 2004 or earlier?

The eligible age for Gyalsung Training in 2024 is 18 years of age by 31st December 2023. Those who are not eligible for Gyalsung can join the Desuung Program.


3.1.   What is the legally mandated age to join the Gyalsung Training?

A Bhutanese citizen is required to enlist for Gyalsung training upon attaining the age of 18. For most of the youth who are in schools, this generally corresponds to the completion of Class 12 (18 years and below).


3.2.  Can a student who has failed the Class 12 examinations and wants to repeat Class 12 or re-sit for the Class 12 examinations do so? 

If the student wishes to repeat Class XII or its equivalent, the student can choose to return to school to do so. However, the student will have to sign up, register and then apply for deferment to the Gyalsung Headquarter and shall be required to report for Gyalsung Training the following year.

However, the student would commit an offence of evasion of Gyalsung Training if he or she neither reports for training nor reports to school to repeat school or re-sit for the examination.


                 3.2.1. I am currently repeating Class 12. Assuming that I fail my Class 12 this year as well and wish to repeat my Class 12, would I still be eligible for Deferment to repeat my Class 12?

                You should submit a new application for deferment. Gyalsung HQ will review your request and respond accordingly. There is currently no upper age limit for Gyalsung Training.


                 3.2.2.  I am currently 18 years and in Class 11. I received the registration notice. What should I do?

                 You should Sign up and complete your registration as instructed. Thereafter submit a deferment application with                                                   supporting documents from your institution or school to receive Conditional Deferment.


                 3.2.3. The present Class 10 students who are of 18 years will be 20 years on completion of Class 12. In this case, will he/she still get an opportunity to enlist for Gyalsung?

                 Yes, the students will get the opportunity to enlist for Gyalsung. However the student should complete the Sign up and Registration process.

3.3.  Can a student who does not pass Class 12 examination enlist for Gyalsung training?

As Gyalsung is a national program to enhance the knowledge skills and values for the youth – a student who does not pass the Class 12 examinations will still be eligible for Gyalsung Training.

3.4. Will a Bhutanese who have never enrolled in school or dropped out of school before completing Class 12 or its equivalent be able to join Gyalsung?

Gyalsung Training is a mandatory and inclusive program. All Bhutanese citizens will have to attend the Gyalsung Training when they attain the age of 18 years irrespective of their education status unless otherwise exempted. Therefore, a Bhutanese Citizen born between 1st Jan 2005 to 31st Dec 2005 shall sign up & register for Gyalsung Training 2024.

3.5. I was born in 2005 and currently am studying in college. Do I need to attend Gyalsung training?

 For the 2024 Gyalsung Training, all youth who were born in 2005 onwards and are now pursuing tertiary studies will be allowed to continue their education. However, they must Sign up and Register and then apply for exemption.

3.6. UNDERAGE CASE 1:  Is a student completing Class 12 in 2023 but has not yet attained 18 years of age (born after 2005) eligible to enlist for Gyalsung in 2024?

As per the law, any person who attends Gyalsung Training before the age of 18 may do so by applying for early enlistment provided that:

  1. They have attained the age of sixteen and half on the date of enlistment;

  2. They furnish the consent of parents or legal guardians; and

  3. The Gyalsung Head Quarters accepts the application for early enlistment.

However, students who complete Class 12 before the age of 18 in 2023, may seek exemption from 2024 Gyalsung Training if they continue to pursue full-time tertiary education in 2024 in nationally accredited tertiary institutes.

3.7. OVERAGE CASE 2: Is a student who is older than 18 (born before 2005) but completing Class 12 in 2023 eligible to join Gyalsung Training in 2024? 

The eligible age for Gyalsung Training are those born between 1st Jan & 31st Dec 2005. All those who are born before 2005, are not eligible for Gyalsung in 2024. 


                 3.7.1. OVERAGE CASE 3: Is a student who is older than 18 (born before 2005) but not yet in Class 12 in 2023 eligible to join                                    Gyalsung Training in 2024? 

                 No. The eligible age for Gyalsung Training are those born between 1st January 2005 to 31st December 2005. All those who are born before 1st January 2005 are not eligible for Gyalsung. 


3.8. Will persons who tests positive for use of narcotic and psychotropic substances or deemed to be alcoholic be ineligible for Gyalsung Training?

A person shall neither be disqualified nor exempted for the above reasons. As a program that seeks to empower all youth and help them realize their full potential, youth with such issues will receive additional attention and support to recover and then participate in all training activities and become worthy and productive citizens. As long as you are born in 2005 onwards, you need to sign up, register and if found medically fit, enlist for Gyalsung training.


3.9.Who will provide assistance to youth out-of-school or lacking education and literacy in order to facilitate their registration on the Gyalsung portal?

 The youth who require additional support for sign up and registration due to literacy and technical problems may contact toll free number 2024 for assistance.

4.1. Will a religious personality who leaves his or her vocation or monastic order be eligible for Gyalsung Training?

The Gyalsung Act exempts religious personalities from Gyalsung Training. However, if a religious personality chooses to leave his or her vocation before the age of 18 (those born in 2005), he or she will be required to attend Gyalsung Training.

               4.1.1.     I am currently 18 years of age and studying in Class 12. I wish to join monastic order after I complete my Class12. Am I exempted from Gyalsung? What should I do if exemption is allowed?

 As per the Gyalsung Act, you are required to complete the Registration Process.

 If you have the necessary supporting document from the Monastic Institution, you can seek for an Exemption through the Gyalsung Portal. 


4.2.  Will pregnant women and 18-year-old mothers be required to attend Gyalsung Training?

The best interest of the mother and child will be given prior consideration. A pregnant or nursing mother is still required to register through the Gyalsung portal and then apply for Exemption to ensure that the process for exemption is followed.

Further, if an eligible female is medically certified to be pregnant before the commencement of Gyalsung Training she may apply for exemption through the Gyalsung Portal to ensure completion of process.


4.3.Will persons with disabilities be exempted from Gyalsung Training?

A person deemed medically unfit for physical or mental reasons by the Medical Board will be exempted from the Gyalsung program.  


4.4.  How long can an individual defer Gyalsung Training? 

All deferments are granted on a yearly basis. In principle, the deferments will be given for a year. However, if the circumstances for deferments remain valid; deferments can be renewed annually upon re-application by the eligible persons.


4.5. Can Youth who receive scholarships or are awarded scholarship (requiring immediate enrollment) by overseas colleges mid-way through Gyalsung Training, apply for deferment? 

No, such deferment are not permitted. All youth who enlist for Gyalsung Training will have to attend until it is completed.


4.6. I have applied for an exemption as I am going to college. How will I know whether my exemption has been approved or not?

You can track your exemption or deferment application by going to the login page of the portal.gyalsung.bt.

If approved, you will receive an approval notice via email or SMS to your registered email or phone number, followed by an Exemption Certificate on your email.

Applications to seek exemption are open till the end of June 2024.


5.1. How will the Gyalsung Headquarters issue notice for registration to eligible youth?

For youth in Bhutan’s education system, the school network will serve as the primary means to issue registration notices.

For Bhutanese youth who are not in school, parents/legal guardians and local community leaders will be engaged to notify and provide assistance during the Sign up and Registration process.

For youth outside the country, the primary channels will be through the parent/ legal guardian and diplomatic missions, embassies, consulates and local Bhutanese associations.

Furthermore, calls for Sign up and Registration will be made across all media platforms including television, radio, newspaper and social media.

5.2. Do you have any instructions or guides for youth to Sign up and Register for Gyalsung?

Instructions and guides can be found on the Gyalsung website https://gyalsung.bt/

5.3.What is required to be done by the eligible youth for Registration for Gyalsung Training?

Youth ready to get started should first visit the Gyalsung website at https://gyalsung.bt/ and find the link for registration that will take you to the Gyalsung Portal or you can go directly to https://portal.gyalsung.bt/. Once on the Gyalsung Portal, you will need to create an account by signing up as a new user. After signing up, you can then register for the training program. Clear instructions for signing up and registering will be provided through awareness campaigns and detailed guides posted on the Gyalsung website.

5.4. Are there any physical criteria for registration?

The only physical criteria for registration are the medical screening. The medical screening covers a wide range of physical and medical examination, including mental fitness as decided by the Medical Screening Team.

Should youth have any medical/physical conditions, youth is encouraged to share and provide supporting documents to the Medically Screening Team.

5.5.  What is the purpose of Medical Screening?

The purpose of medical screening is to ensure that eligible youth for Gyalsung, who have underlying medical or physical conditions that might pose a danger to their own health or the well-being of their peers, are exempted from

5.6.What is included in the Gyalsung Medical Screening?

The Gyalsung Medical Screening is an elaborate examination consisting of medical and mental health screening.

The Medical Screening will include Personal Information, Medical History, Allergies, General Examination (Height, Weight, BMI etc.) Systematic Examination (Vision, Hearing, Speech etc.) Diagnostic Investigation (Blood and Urine Test) and Drug Test.

For Mental Health Screening, it consists of a one-on-one session with a medical health professional. 
Youth that fulfill the criteria established by the Gyalsung Medical Board will then be eligible to continue the pre-enlistment process.

5.7. Is the Medical Screening done in all the hospitals? If not, please list the Centres.?

The Ministry of Health has identified 26 Centers across the country for Medical Screening; It is the responsibility of each youth to complete the medical screening within the stipulated time.

5.8. Can I change the Medical Screening Centre from the one allotted to me?

Medical Screening Centre locality and date will be chosen by the youth during the registration process. Post registration, youth can still change appointments should the medical screening center have the capacity to conduct these screening.

Should you need help with medical screening, youth can contact the Gyalsung Headquarter helpline at 2024 or email at info@ns.bt

5.9. Can the youth living and studying outside Bhutan undergo the medical screening in a clinic or hospital abroad? This will help to save costs to come to Bhutan for medical screening.

The medical screening has to be done in Bhutan as authorized by Gyalsung Medical Board. Those youth who are overseas can request for the medical screening to be done at a time closer to the enlistment day so that they do not have to travel to Bhutan just for medical screening.

5.10. When will I know my enlistment date?

You will receive an Enlistment Notice at least one month before your enlistment date. This notice will inform you of your enlistment date, academy posted to, the location to avail transport to the Academy. This notice will also remind you of the things to bring on the first day and the other details needed essential for your parents/legal guardian.

5.11. Can I change my enlistment date?

We do not allow pre-enlistees to choose their enlistment date as the logistic involved to pick up cadets and transport cadet to the respective academy is a major operation.

5.12. Can I go overseas before my enlistment date is due?

There is currently no travel restriction for overseas travel. However, eligible youth must ensure that they comply with the enlistment notice issued. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action to be taken.

Pre-enlistees must ensure that they report to their respective academies by end of February of his/her enlistment year. The 1st of March every year will be the Enlistment Day, with the exception of Gyalsung 2024

6.1 Where are the Gyalsung Academies located? Where will the Gyalsung Trainings be held?

The Gyalsung Academies are located in the following places:

  1. Khotokha in Wangduephodrang;

  2. Gyalpozhing in Mongar;

  3. Jamtsholing in Samtse; and

  4. Pemathang in Samdrup Jongkhar

6.2 What are the different Skilling Programmes offered during Gyalsung Training?

There are four areas of skilling:

  1. ICT Skilling (cyber security, data science, programming etc.),

  2. Home Security Skilling (construction technology and trades),

  3. Food Security Skilling (agriculture technology and practices) and

  4. Community Security Skilling (Firefighting, Traffic, Public Order Management etc.).

These programs are based on our national priorities and areas of potential benefit for the individuals’ personal growth and development. These skilling programmes can change over time depending on our changing national needs and priorities. These programs will be offered from Gyalsung 2025

6.3 Can a person choose the Gyalsung Skilling Program prior to enlistment?

All persons will be given an opportunity to indicate their preference for skilling programs. However, there is no guarantee that placement in the preferred choice will be granted.

The decisions of the Gyalsung Headquarters on assignment to Gyalsung Academies based on administrative and practical considerations will be final and binding.

6.4 Will the youth who have never been to school be able to undergo the training, particularly the Skilling programs?

Gyalsung HQ will match these youth abilities with the skilling programs during the assignment of Gyalsung Academies prior to enlistment.

There will be areas where youth who never attended school or school drop-outs will be more capable with their real-life experiences.

The Academies will provide hand-holding support to those who may be disadvantaged by lack of school education.

6.5 Is Gyalsung training for one full year? Will there be holidays in-between?

Gyalsung Training is for a maximum of one year. It will generally commence every March and conclude by the end of January the following year.

There will be one short academic recess during the training. Hence the actual duration of training will be around ten months.

6.6 Will Cadets get any allowance for undergoing Gyalsung Training?

All expenses related to the training including provisions for transportation to and from the Academies, meals, uniform, stationeries and accessories will be met by the Gyalsung Academics. The provision of a nominal allowance is under review.

6.7 How will the Gyalsung Academies look after the safety and well-being of the youth during the training as many of the academies are in subtropical locations.?

Academies are very mindful of the fact that the Gyalsung Training is focused on young people.   Cadets will receive adequate time for rest and recovery from each training conducted.

The training design has also considered the climate and weather conditions to ensure that outdoor and indoor activities are coordinated and sequenced to achieve the intent of the trainings and ensure safety.

6.8 Will there be an examination at the end of Gyalsung Training to award a pass or fail certificate? Will the Gyalsung Academies administer examinations to assess the performance of the Cadets 

There will be no formal examination at the end of the Gyalsung Training to pass or fail a Cadet.

However, there will be regular assessments of Cadets during the Training. The intention is not to pass or fail anyone but to ensure that all Cadets meet certain minimum standards of training. 

Periodic assessments will also help to identify those Cadets who may require additional support/training to meet the objectives of Gyalsung.

The Gyalsung Academies may grant certificate of competencies in areas of specialized training   if the trainee has attained a certain level of competencies determined by the Academy or fulfill any existing national, or international standards

7.1. Gyalsups have the obligation for Gyalsung Duty till the age of 35 years? Does it mean that he or she cannot continue education or pursue employment till that age?

After the completion of Gyalsung Training, Gyalsups can go on to pursue further studies, training or seek employment. However, Gyalsups can be called for Mandatory Duty when the Gyalsung Headquarters so requires.  Gyalsups must report for Mandatory Duty whenever it is mobilized.

Voluntary Duty can be undertaken by Gyalsups when announced by the Gyalsung HQ.  Gyalsups can volunteer for those that fits their respective stage of their life in Bhutan.

7.2 Can a Gyalsung Reservist perform Volunteer Duty besides having the obligations only for Mandatory Duty?

The only mandatory obligation for a Gyalsung Reservist is to be called up for Mandatory Duty. There will not be any restriction if a Gyalsung Reservist wants to volunteer during times of need.

7.3 If a Gyalsup is an employee, for example a teacher, will he or she attending Mandatory Duty be substituted by someone to ensure continuity of service?

Mandatory Duty would be mobilized only in exceptional circumstances or national emergencies. Hence, the question of replacing or substituting a Gyalsup for continuity during time of emergencies (example teaching or other services) may not arise. Mandatory Duty is not conditional to the availability of substitutes

8.1. A Gyalsung Reservist may choose to become a De-suup upon attaining the age of 45 years. Does this mean that he or she has to undergo training again to become a De-suup? Will he or she remain as a Gyalsup if one chooses not to become a De-suup?

The obligations of a Gyalsup end at that age of 45. If Gyalsup wishes to continue contribution through becoming a De-suup, there is no need for additional training as the Desuung will deploy these individuals based on the skill/training received during his/her tenure as Gyalsup. Desuung may however conduct ceremonies and sessions to induct the Gyalsups as a Desuup and familiarize them with the Desuung Values, Code of Conduct, Desuung organization, uniform, deployment  SOPs etc. They may also conduct special courses as refresher training for skills important for Desuung deployment as determined by the Desuung HQ from time to time.

8.2. In future, most people will be Gyalsups. Will Desuung be sustainable as a Training Program after Gyalsung is started?

Desuung is a voluntary training program. It will always be available for people who want to volunteer to serve the King and the country. Besides, Gyalsups can opt to become De-suups after the age of 45 years.

Therefore, Desuung will continue to remain a vibrant and relevant organization.

9.1. Do Bhutanese citizens who live or study abroad have to register for Gyalsung in 2023 and attend the Gyalsung Training in September 2024?

Gyalsung is a fundamental duty required of all Bhutanese citizens. Therefore, irrespective of place of residence and education, all Bhutanese citizens who attain the age of 18 shall be required to register for Gyalsung and undergo one-year Gyalsung Training in one of the four Gyalsung Academies in Bhutan.

Therefore, all Bhutanese who have completed Class 12 or its equivalent in 2023 and/or are born between 1st Jan and 31st December 2005 will have to register for Gyalsung in 2023.

However, as a one-time measure, Bhutanese living abroad who meet the age and education criteria but are enrolled for college education or recognized training in 2024 may apply for exemption before 1st April 2024 from Gyalsung 2024 Training.

9.2. What is the equivalent education standard to match these overseas education standards to Bhutan’s Class 12?

In Bhutan, Class 12 is defined as a point in which a person completes 13 years of school education (excluding any time spent repeating). The completion of Class 12 or its equivalent is necessary for a person to be eligible to enter tertiary education (for college/university degrees or training diplomas).

This duration will be matched to other education systems to determine the equivalence to Class 12. Some of the equivalent qualifications of Class 12 equivalent in other education systems include A Levels, GSCE or IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma, ICSE, CBSE etc.

9.3. How will Bhutanese who live or work abroad fulfill their duty obligation?

The Gyalsung Headquarters will work with our diplomatic missions as well as Bhutanese associations abroad to avail the voluntary services of such Gyalsups for various community needs and national events.

9.4. Part of the pre-enlistment process requires medical screening. Can these medical screening be done in overseas medical centre? The cost of air travel will be high for families based overseas.

The facility for medical screening for Gyalsung will only be provided in the country. Therefore, for youth living abroad, they can request to undergo the medical screening closer to the date of enlistment.

9.5. Is there any correlation between Gyalsung and Citizenship? For example, will an eligible person have to forfeit their Citizenship for failing to undergo Gyalsung as required by law.

Gyalsung is a fundamental duty required of every Bhutanes as enshrined in Article 8.1 of the Constitution. Therefore, Gyalsung Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2022 mandates all age eligible Bhutanese to render national service. The law clearly outlines offences and penalties for failure to do so.

The law does not stipulate forfeiture of citizenship for failure to undergo Gyalsung. However, a person shall be liable for felony of the fourth degree (as per the Penal Code of Bhutan) for evading Gyalsung.

10.1. Will all youth get admission in colleges or tertiary institutes or get jobs after the completion of Gyalsung Training?

Admission in colleges and tertiary institutes or securing job opportunities is not guaranteed by attending of Gyalsung Training. It will depend on academic performance in Class 12 or its equivalent examinations. However, there will be much better means and practice of career guidance and counseling in the Gyalsung Academies for choices a Cadet makes in terms of colleges, TVET or economic opportunities. The trainings availed in Gyalsung Academies and the maturity attained will also enhance capabilities and hence their employability and success in further studies.  Employment will be determined largely by personal drive and determination. Wherever possible, Gyalsung Headquarters will try to provide hand-holding support or end-to-end tie up for those seeking employment or intending to start up self-employment opportunities.

10.2. Will there be refresher courses for Gyalsups? 

Depending on the need, there may be refresher courses from time to time on specific skills.

10.3. How will Cadets in the Academies be able to submit applications for college and/or participate in college admission interviews?

 As part of the Gyalsung Training Transition services, Gyalsung HQ will help the Cadets/Gyalsars to prepare for their post-Gyalsung Training journey by linking them to the available opportunities. For those going to pursue further studies in Bhutan, Gyalsung HQ will work with the relevant tertiary education institutes to ensure their placement processes can be completed while they are undergoing Gyalsung Training.

In a similar manner, for Cadets/Gyalsars pursuing technical and vocational studies, Gyalsung HQ will work with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development for their placements and seamless transition.

Gyalsung HQ will also help those opting to study abroad, or applying for government scholarships by working with the relevant agencies so that Cadets/Gyalsars can fulfill the requirements while undergoing Gyalsung Training. For those opting to join the workforce or do their own business, Gyalsung HQ will link them to the opportunities provided by the Government through on-campus sensitization, recruitment etc.

11.1. What are the consequences if a Bhutanese whether living in Bhutan or living abroad evades Gyalsung Training?

A person who evades Gyalsung Training commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction for felony of the Fourth degree as per the Penal Code of Bhutan.

11.2.  A person who evades Gyalsung Training is liable for fourth degree felony upon conviction. What will happen if the parents or guardians prevent an eligible person from undergoing Gyalsung Training?

Parents or guardians preventing an eligible person from undergoing Gyalsung Training, would be preventing this eligible person from fulfilling his Constitutional duty, and therefore, will be liable for the same offence and penalty.

11.3. What are the consequences if a Bhutanese whether living in Bhutan or living abroad fails to register for Gyalsung Training?

As per the Gyalsung Act, a person who fails to register for Gyalsung Training within the stipulated 100 days commits an offence and shall be fined the daily minimum national wage rate up to a maximum of ninety days.

12.1. What is Gyalsung?

His Majesty the King announced the establishment of Gyalsung – Bhutan’s National Service – during the Royal Address at the 112th National Day on 17 December 2019.

His Majesty has envisioned the institution of the Gyalsung as a means to empower all Bhutanese youth to participate in the process of nation-building to further enhance the security, peace, unity, harmony and sovereignty of our nation.

The Gyalsung program aims to realize the above vision by enabling each and every Bhutanese youth to actualize their potential and become productive and worthy citizens in the service of the Tsawa-Sum.

The Gyalsung or National Service is a Fundamental Duty required of all Bhutanese citizens as enshrined in the Article 8.1 of the Constitution.  The Parliament of Bhutan enacted the Gyalsung Act on 11 November 2022.

12.2.   What is Enlistment for Gyalsung training?

Enlistment is the completion of the process from Sign up and registration leading up to assignment of the individual to one of the four Gyalsung Academies thereby becoming a Gyalsar or NS Cadet.

12.3.   Age Definition

For the purpose of determining any specific age requirement under the Gyalsung Act or Rules, etc, the bracket of 1st January and 31st December of that particular year will be considered. For example, the Registration Notice for 2024 Batch of Gyalsung Training will apply to a person who attains 18 years of age anytime between 1st January to 31st December, 2023.

12.4.   What is Sign Up?

Sign up for National Service refers to the physical signing up or creating an account on the Gyalsung Portal by a person upon receiving the Initial Notice upon attaining 15 years of age.

15 years old who complete the signup will await 2nd notification (registration notice) to register for Gyalsung through the Gyalsung portal.

Initial Notice for Sign Up will be typically issued in the month of May of each year.

12.5.   What is Registration for Gyalsung?

Registration for Gyalsung refers to the process in which youth after receiving Registration Notification, login to the Gyalsung Portal to furnish the personnel/family details required and also to select the date/location for medical screening, select the skilling preference etc.

In 2023, Registration will be compressed together with Sign Up. Youth eligible for Gyalsung in 2024 will receive a single Notification to complete his/her sign up and registration in a single step.

Youth can only apply for deferment, exemption after completion of registration.

12.6.   What is an Enlistment Notice?

Enlistment notice is a single notification, instruction or document that provide details of the following;

  1. The Assigned Academy and Skilling,

  2. Date to Report to the assigned Academy (if traveling directly) and

  3. Date, time and venue for travel (if traveling with Gyalsung organized transportation)

  4. Any other essential details determined time to time by the Gyalsung HQ.

12.7.   What is Enlistment Day and Enlistment Date?

Enlistment Date should not be confused by Reporting Date.

Enlistment Date and Enlistment Day are used interchangeably.

Enlistment day generally refers to the first day in an Academy which may be marked by an enlistment ceremony such as taking the Pledge/Honour Code.

The Enlistment Date for Gyalsung Training, with exception for the 2024 Cohort shall be on the 1st March unless otherwise determined by the Gyalsung

12.8. What does the term Cohort mean in the context of Gyalsung Training 2024?

Cohort refers to one of the two groups a Cadet is assigned. For example, Gyalsung training 2024 Batch will be conducted in Two Cohorts. The training for the First Cohort will be conducted from 5th September 2024 to 3rd December 2024 and Second Cohort from 16th December 2024 to 15th March 2025.

A Cadet will be assigned as a Cohort with Enlistment Notice issued on 31st July 2024