The programs at the Gyalsung Academy are designed to provide a holistic growth environment for all Gyalsars in a safe and healthy environment.

As a fully residential program, all Gyalsars will receive full boarding experience with access to comfortable living spaces and nutritious meals. These shared living spaces are designed to foster camaraderie and harmony among youth coming from all over Bhutan. Further, the Gyalsars will also receive the uniforms for training, sports and other skilling programs as may be necessary to ensure comfort, safety and order and discipline.

The management and instructors will give utmost importance to the personal safety of each and every cadet. For example, the program has carefully determined the minimum sleep time required during training and has established a mandatory hydration protocol to be deployed during training. A progressive training curriculum will ensure that cadets are well acclimatized, and physically tuned, with the aim of avoiding preventable injuries or accidents. The Academies will foster a culture of safety, where individuals feel comfortable reporting any safety concerns or incidents. Regular audits and inspections are conducted to verify compliance, detect potential flaws in the system, and foster continuous improvement.

The Academies will also place a high degree of importance on the mental wellbeing of all Gyalsars and create a congenial training environment and foster trust among cadets and also with their instructors. Cadets and their family can seek help and support from the 24*7 helpline number.