Transition from Gyalsung Training 


The Gyalsung Training program not only focuses on providing skills and knowledge but also offers post-training support to ensure a smooth transition from the program to further studies, vocational training, employment, or entrepreneurship.


For those of you who choose to pursue further studies, the Academy’s Cadet Service Centre (CSC) will work with the Royal University of Bhutan to help the participants apply for scholarships and secure placement in RUB affiliated colleges. In a similar manner, CSC will work with relevant government agencies who provide ex-country scholarships to ensure you can apply for them even as you are undergoing your Gyalsung training. This is aimed at providing you with better opportunities to pursue higher education.


In a similar manner, for those interested in vocational training, the Cadet Service Centre will work with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to ensure you can pursue further education and training opportunities.


For those interested in starting your own businesses or working on farms, the program will link you up with various government initiatives of the day that may be of interest to you, such as Priority Sector Lending, Entrepreneurship training, CSI initiatives etc.. Additionally, we will actively seek to identify and link you to economic opportunities around the campus.


Lastly, for those interested in employment, the program will connect you with opportunities in the Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bhutan Police, or as rangers or security guards due to the training you  have received during the Gyalsung Training program.

Continuing your education

Entering the workforce