GYALSUNG : A Commitment to Safety and Excellence in Training.


  1. At Gyalsung Academy, we prioritize safety above all else. We understand that parents want the best for their children, and that includes ensuring that they receive the highest quality training possible in a safe and healthy environment.


  2. Safety of the cadets will be given the utmost priority and consideration, beginning from the Pre-Enlistment stage and throughout their residency at the Academy. Every aspect of their training and development will be designed and implemented with their safety and well-being in mind.


  3. The Gyalsung Training program has carefully determined the minimum sleep time required during their training and has established a mandatory hydration protocol to be deployed during extreme temperatures. Additionally, the management has developed a systematic and progressive training curriculum that gradually introduces cadets to strenuous activities when the cadets are well acclimatized, and physically tuned, with the aim of avoiding unnecessary injuries or accidents.


  1. A comprehensive and effective safety policies, procedure, and training program has been established that is integrated into every aspect of our training and activities.


  2. Safety is a core value that is embraced by everyone involved in the Gyalsung training programs. Our management team strives for zero accidents while maintaining operational effectiveness and mission success. To achieve this, we implement a continuous and comprehensive risk management process for all our activities, designed to mitigate any inherent risks and bring them to a level of calculated risk acceptance. The management stresses to inculcate safety culture and safety mentality amongst every participant.


  3. We encourage a culture of safety, where individuals feel comfortable reporting any safety concerns or incidents. Regular audits and inspections are conducted to verify compliance, detect potential flaws in the system, and foster continuous improvement.


  4. All high-risk activities have undergone a systematic risk management process, which has effectively reduced the inherent risk to a level that is deemed acceptable for the particular activity. Measures have been taken to identify and assess potential risks, and appropriate actions have been implemented to mitigate or control these risks to an acceptable level. By doing so, the likelihood and potential impact of adverse events occurring has been minimized, thereby ensuring a safer and more secure environment for those involved in the high-risk activity.


  5. At Gyalsung Academy, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy training environment that is free from hazards that could cause injury or harm.

Mental well-being and safety 


It is important to recognize that mental wellbeing and psychological safety is another domain of prime concern to us as it is possible that continuous rigorous physical training can take a toll on the mental wellbeing of the cadets. In addition to that, adjusting and coping with military life can be a challenge for some cadets which can give rise to various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and adjustment issues.  


Moreover, In the military setting, psychological safety can be compromised by the fear of failure, the fear of punishment and other factors that can create a hostile and intimidating environment. This is why it is important to create a culture of psychological safety during training by providing a congenial training environment, promoting open communication, encouraging feedback and fostering a sense of trust between cadets and their instructors.

Therefore, we aim to provide cadets with resources they need to cope with stress  and manage their emotions for which counseling and psychosocial support will be made available in all the academies. A 24*7 helpline numbers will also be operational whereby cadets can seek help at their convenient time and for those in need of ongoing therapy and treatment, continuous mental well-being and related support will be provided.