National Education and Life Skills Education

To build a sense of Pride, Loyalty to Bhutan and to enable youth for the future, Gyalsung Program also includes an National Education (NE) and Life Skills Education (LSE).

These NE and LSE programs aim to foster awareness of being a Bhutanese citizen with the knowledge and, values to shoulder the responsibility of nation-building and practical knowledge and skills to be ready to face daily life’s challenges. 

The NE and LSE constitute an essential aspect of education that all Cadets will be allowed to practice and develop competencies to adapt positively to changing circumstances and environments. 

NE topics such as; Bhutan’s History with a Focus on the Role of the Monarchy, Domestic Security Issues, and Foreign Policy Issues would help Cadets understand and appreciate the pass, present and future aspects of ‘Survival of Bhutan’ and realize the possible threats to the Bhutanese way of life. Topics taught/shared will heighten awareness and a sense of responsibility toward serving and safeguarding the nation. Upon becoming a Gyalsars, individual can determine their own actions that would help in enhancing Bhutan country’s security, sovereignty, self-reliance, peace, unity, and harmony.

The facet of LSE will focus on enhancing Cadets (and Gyalsar’s) basic everyday skills such as leadership qualities, effective communication skills, collaboration skills, digital and media literacy skills, financial literacy, and basic Bhutanese etiquette through various leadership and life skills topics. Competencies and skills developed through LSE would enhance each individuals ability to adapt to one’s changing environment, while being a member of a larger community and also to becoming worthy citizens in the service of the Tsa-Wa-Sum, as aspired by the Nation

NE and LSE will be conducted across Basic Military Training (BMT) as a softer component of the BMT. It will not only provide cadets with time for relaxation from strenuous physical activities while getting an opportunity to develop basic life skills and leadership qualities at the same time. NE and LSE sessions will be conducted in both virtual and face-to-face learning forms. While audiovisuals of the various contents will be accessible online for convenient learning, trainers will be available for Q&A sessions for clarification of doubts, enhanced understanding, and learning.