Gyalsung Management Information System(GMIS)

This guide offers comprehensive instructions for utilizing the GMIS portal’s Sign-up and Registration process.
Sign up Guide 

  1. Go to
  2. Click the SIGN UP button
  3. Read the instructions and click NEXT
  4. Enter your Citizen Identity Card and Date Of Birth. (Your credentials will be verified through DCRC)
  5. After pressing next, a pop-up will appear to confirm, if you are signing up for yourself or someone else is helping. Select the appropriate details and click OKEY
  6. Next process is to verify your phone number or email address, select the option to verify through phone or email. (If you verify using phone then in the later stage you have to update your email address and vice versa) 
  7. A six digit OTP will be sent to your selected option.
  8. After inserting the correct OTP, you will have to create a password for your account (The password should be minimum of 8 characters and combination of numbers, capital letter and special case)
  9. On confirming the password, you will be directed to review the details provided.
  10. After declaring, a success message for sign up will be displayed.

Registration Guide

  1. Go to
  2. If you have not signed up, please follow the above Sign Up Guide
  3. If you have signed up, please input the credentials to login.
  4. After logging in, a pop up will appear prompting you to update your details. (Fields marked with * are mandatory)
  5. When you complete with the update, please click on the REGISTER icon to register for the Gyalsung Training.