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A Royal Vision

Why Gyalsung

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The Gyalsung Journey

The Gyalsung journey begins with a one-year integrated training program when our youth attain the age of 18 or if in school, upon completion of grade twelve. Upon completion of this 1 year full time training, youth graduate as Gyalsup, beginning the next phase of Gyalsung duty as Gyalsung Reservist and ends when Gyalsup turn 45 years of age.

His Majesty the King announced the launch of Gyalsung – Bhutan’s National Service, during the address to the nation on the 112th National Day of Bhutan on 17 December 2019.


The Gyalsung journey begins from the age of 15 years old or Class 10. All Bhutanese citizens fulfilling the aforementioned criteria can sign-up for Gyalsung through our website or online portal.


A person under 18 years and above 16 years and six months may be eligible to volunteer for early registration for Gyalsung Training.To be eligible for early enlistment the person should have/ be the following...


The Governing Council may defer the obligation of Gyalsung Training of a person for such a period as it may consider appropriate in accordance with the rules and the regulations.

Medical Screening

Youth will be required to undergo medical examination to determine Youth medical fitness for the various Phase of Gyalsung training.


Exemptions are applicable to the following: Youth pursuing education as monks, nuns, lay monks, purohits Medically found not fit for training


Enlistment is the completion of the process from registration leading up to assignment of the individual to one of the four Gyalsung Academies thereby becoming a Gyalsar or NS Cadet.Provided all the above steps have been followed...

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